Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Unions are not the problem!

It has become a pastime in the U.S. to bash unions. I don't understand this. Without unions we would probably all be working 7 days a week. 12 hours a day, with no breaks and really unfair compensation. Some people say. Oh but we don't need unions anymore because we have labor laws. Well Unions are the reason for those labor laws. And I believe that if they break the unions there really isn't anything then to stop them from rescinding laws and making new laws to restrict and totally take away any rights that workers have. Because, folks, Unions are the only organizations who fight for those things.Some People are bitching about the auto loans ( it's not a bailout by the way, which implies just giving them the money, like they did with the banking industry.) because the auto workers " make too much money" excuse me! they make about $25 and hour. What is that like $45 to $50 thousand a year. well that's pretty good, but I would not say by any means that is too much money. Especially if you have kids these days. We all know what it cost's to live. Plus the cost of labor is only something like 8% - 10% of the cost of making a car. I say we look at the other 90%. What is that? And how come there wasn't this outcry of the employees making too much money when they GAVE away $700 billion to the banking industry. The money they want to give to the car companies is going to come out of money they have already been given, by the way, to finance the making of Eco friendly cars.
This blaming of unions and the working class has to stop now. Don't put unions and the people who work for them down cause maybe your jealous. Join your own union.

Anyway here is an article in truth out that probably says things better than I can

Marie Cocco Unions Aren't the Problem Marie Cocco, Truthdig: "As Congress and the White House lurch toward possible approval of a loan package for the crippled auto industry, we are undoubtedly in store for more union-bashing. Note well that we did not hear any such tirades when vastly larger sums of taxpayer money - with fewer strings attached - were lavished upon the banks and financial industry wizards who created the credit crisis."

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